This is everything unrelated to common sense, computers, philosophy, levity, or spirituality, explained for my simple commonplacing and your public consumption. Consult my method to see how I built it.


  • * This thing is currently a work in process, so I’m trying to organize it. You can see where I’m at right now on it.
  • XX It’s a “live” page, but in no way really done.

Human-Made Messiness







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Why this site?
  • I obsess about the permanent and perfect. Unfortunately, life itself isn’t always so straightforward.
  • Some domains don’t quite “fit” with anything else, and I don’t feel comfortable spinning up another website for half-a-dozen essays, so this is my means to capture that miscellaneous information.

What’s up with the logo?
  • It’s a visual representation of Not, A, and Genius (NAG), spliced together to imply the discordance and unity that represents these various domains.

Who are you, anyway?

I’d like to use some of your content.