Customer Service Summarized

Working with customers is a generally unpleasant experience, proportionally to how little you know how to navigate interactions with complete strangers.

In general, the art of customer service is behaving like a nice person, even when other people are not behaving nicely.

  • There’s a way to be polite with customers while also setting boundaries, but it requires using a higher-context approach than they do.


Always greet them with a smile.

  • Even over the phone, a smile will transfer intuitively through how your voice sounds.
  • Alternately, in a high-speed professional position, greet them with an expression of minor overwhelm, followed by a pleasant disposition with them.


Most conflict management skills that assert a win/win are not useful in most customer service capacities.

  • While you often might have some authority as a manager, you’re also facing competing interests with the organization that employs you.


Always end with “Is there anything else I can do for you today?”


Whenever possible, stay legally safe by keeping a record of what was said, promised, and performed.